Organize Your Space with A Free In-Home Design Consultation

Are you ready to start making your custom closet dreams a reality? Saint Louis Closet Co. makes it easy to bring your ideas to life. With a customer-centric approach, your custom space will be a result of your design preferences, your special requests, your choice of hardware and materials, and your home’s exact measurements. We’re here to turn those specifications into a design.


Your free in-home design consultation will include:

  • Meeting with a trained designer who will provide custom designs that utilize space efficiently and suit your specific needs
  • Discussion of storage needs, available space, and organizational goals
  • Spatial measurements to record the exact specifications of your available space

Learn about all the ways in which you can transform your space into the closet of your organizational dreams! It’s never too early to start the process – even if it’s just a brainstorming session to help bring life to your ideas. Saint Louis Closet Co.’s free in-home consultation is tailored to your needs and your schedule!

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